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Customise Male Candle Shade and Scent Nude Collection

Customise Male Candle Shade and Scent Nude Collection

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This is a male form candle, please select which Shade and Scent Combination you would like. Selection of Available Shades and Scents are shown in the photos.


Height: 10cm

Width : 5cm

Beautiful kept as a home decoration or to be lit. When lighting candles please ensure candles are placed on a fire safe coaster or tray, as wax drops will melt onto the surface. All candles have an approx burn time of 30-40minutes.

Please try to keep your candles out of direct sunlight as this can cause frosting to form on your candle.

Please note that due to the candles being individually poured and handmade candle orders will be dispatched within 7 days of receiving your order. This is to ensure the highest possible quality and allow the candles time to set.

Please be aware that all candles may have their own individual quirks such as tiny air bubbles, scuffs or minor frosting, an unpredictable property of pouring with eco soy wax blends. However, a candle will not be sent unless I feel you will be as satisfied to receive your order as I am to make it for you.